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Bobbin Toppers™ For FREE
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If your pickups are not listed on the site you qualify for a free set as long as you follow up and tell me how well they fit!
This offer only applies to specific pickups I do not currently have listed.

Right Click on the image below that is the best example of your pickup and copy it. E-mail the image to me at becalvert@hotmail.com with the following:

The A,B,C etc. dimensions listed on the image (preferably in mm but inches will do if you micrometer them).

2. The Brand or Maker and Model if possible of your pickup.

3. If your pickup is a 7 or 8 string use either of the top images and let me know what type of pickup it is.

4. If your pickup is a blade type with more then 1 magnet I will also need the distance between the blades.

5. The color you desire (note the first test set I might make and send you could be any color until we get it right).

6. Your mailing address.