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Material Finish Tutorial Part 2

Now that you have finished your initial trimming it is time to pick out the filler of your choice. There are many options available on the market from sprays to pastes which all dry rock hard and clear. What your going to need now is a sandable sealer or a wooden grain filler which dries clear and is easily sandable. For me I tend to lean towards the pastes and my trusty cheap brush. Anyway if you choose the spray look to do up to 5 coats to get the desired thickness and make sure that you coat underneath the fringe of the edge which is still sticking out. With the paste you will want to brush it on thick and across the weave of the fabric then allow to dry.
As pictured above on the right you will now notice it is quite easy to finish trim the edges with a fresh blade. Just to show you how stiff the material has become I have laid a piece across a cavity for you to see in the photo below on the left.
Be sure at this point to trim out all of the cavity's now that the material has hardened as pictured above on the right. After your finished trimming you might want to add a finish coat of your sealer just to take care of any areas which might have escaped the brush or can before you start to sand. At this point you can take your sanding block and some 320 grit to knock down the major buildup of filler and smooth out the edges. When your finish with a quick run of 320 switch to 600 or 800 grit.
Now that you have finished smoothing out the filler it is time to mask off and paint the cavity's and side's as pictured above on the right. At this point it is time to make a decision about the sides of your finish, which can be straight paint to the front and back or burst as pictured below on the left.
After you have made your decision on how you want your sides continue on with 2-3 thick coats of clear then let the body dry for about 24 hours. Sand with 1500 grit and ad several more coats of clear until the texture of the material has disappeared from the surface gradually sanding between each coat using finer grits with each one. Then you can finish with polish.



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